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The PaillSpectrum Syndrome

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Paill Spectrum affects anybody at any stage of life.

The symptoms and signs have different clinical "presentations" at different ages.

Mood & Behaviour Issues are common

Any child over about five years old can display the full syndrome, including the painful areas.

The pain symptoms become more common with advancing age.  Pain symptoms are very common in middle-aged adults.

The challenge is to diagnose the symptom cluster early and to prevent progressive worsening of the symptoms. 

Failure to identify affected children results in a very poor outlook for the affected children. 

Learning disabilities, school failure, and social complications are common long-term difficulties experienced by these adolescents.



Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Paill Spectrum Mood changes are a common problem in young adults. 

This is usually interpreted as being a typical teenager. 

The behavioural problems are obvious.

The behaviour changes with PaillSpectrum treatment: With both

Nutritional &

Antibiotic therapy

Treatment causes dramatic changes.


Autism Germ



Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx:Paill Spectrum Childhood symptoms can be very difficult to find:

Behaviour changes are common:


Irritability, and


Sweaty hands appear early: even in babies

Beware the child who sleeps very well and is no trouble

Other descriptions:

Clumsy child

Learning difficulties


Memory Problems

Many of these rely on parental or adult carer experience to see the “differences”

A mother who thinks there is something wrong with her child must always be taken seriously

Other descriptions of Paill Spectrum in Childhood:

Can’t sit still

Sleep disturbances including sleep volition disturbances: speaking and walking

Easy Bruising

Sore legs at night, bad enough to make kids cry.

Acutely Ill

Flat face: the kid is not really there and not speaking, no smile



Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: The mood / temper group is the most common

Paill Spectrum presentation.  It occurs at any age:


Adults, or

The aged.


Mood / Temper Group                                 

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx:
Anger, Irritability, Snappiness, May be violent                   
Attacks of Jitters & Panics: often very brief                                                       

Memory getting Worse:
Phone numbers,
Lost going home,
Lost in shopping centres,
Using diaries to remember things.                                                            

Don’t Feel Well                                    

I don’t think I am depressed


Range of Behaviours

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx:
Severe: Road Rage

Register Rage
Trolley rage.
Argumentative teenagers
Spouses arguing
Cranky old people

All describe a mood “flare” and are unable to stop the “rise” of the flare.

Family Germs Paill

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Paill Spectrum

Changes people’s behaviour

Causes relationship problems

Causes legal problems

Causes Violence problems









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