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Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Dyslexia

Diagnosis of Dyslexia:

Dyslexia is usually defined as an "inability to read" in someone who is expected to know how to read. 

In children, simple recall testing of numerical sequences reveals a characteristic pattern of errors of memory and errors in word recognition.    These errors are easily identified and are unique to the dyslexia-like symptom pattern identified.  The symptom intensity is variable. 

Children do not complain of symptoms and cases must be suspected and identified by doctors, teachers, and educators.

The symptom cluster is associated with a characteristic profile of pathology blood test results for Paill Spectrum.

Dyslexuia Video

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Dyslexia Test Sequence:

Set up nice quiet place for the test.  Make sure there are no interruptions.  The school age child needs a pen and paper, (adults can be tested too).  The adult giving the test chooses a list of numbers at random and writes down these numbers.  The numbers must be long enough to “stretch” the child’s performance.  For example, use 4-5 numbers for a first grade child.  Adults need 7-8 numbers to display dyslexic damage. 

Instruct the child to listen to the entire number, and then to write it down.  Repeating the numbers is allowed so long as no numbers have been written down. This is not a test to understand the tester’s way of talking.

Watch carefully as the child writes the number down.  If the child is very slow, there is a problem.  If the child is writing numbers backward, there is a problem.  If the child flips the numbers in the sequence, but otherwise gets the numbers correct, there is a problem.

Do the standard Paill Spectrum clinical assessment and blood test profile

Start the PaillSpectrum treatment soon.  The condition is characteristic and unique enough to predict the blood test results.

Early-diagnosed cases are very amenable to Paill Spectrum treatment.  This stops the damage process. 

With normal growth and development, much of the damage seems to be “grown out of” with time, if the original damage process is halted. 

Failure to identify affected children results in a very poor outlook for the affected children from their treatable learning disability. 

By 16 years old, a lot of damage is permanent.


Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Social complications

Mood swings and irritability make the child / person unpleasant and unpredictable to be around. Losing memory of events leads to social faux pas that other people feel is deliberate on the part of the affected person.





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