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Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Let’s talk about the Clinical Symptoms and Signs

Paill Spectrum: 


Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: The basic symptoms are:

Chronic fatigue

Loss of Balance

Sweaty Palms

Chest and Elbow Pain, (often described as tennis elbow or golfers elbow)

Symptom intensity is variable 

Tender areas often only found when the doctor performs the examination. 

Illness appears over a very long time and very gradually. 

People often are embarrassed to mention the symptoms because they feel they are not important.  Most people know they have something wrong with themselves, but have been often unable to find anyone to even believe they are unwell


Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Fatigue:

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Can be frank tiredness or

Just sleeping more (normal 7.5 hours per night) or

Being achy/ painy /unwell


The tiredness affects some people so much that it will stop people working, will stop them enjoying life. Some people stop work in spite of the ostracism and criticism by others.

Once people are on treatment, they are no longer sick and tired.  They can work better and can function better.

 A teacher once said to me you can tell the kids having problems by just looking around the room and noticing the blank faces.

Loss Of Balance: Standing and Moving balance

 Children are often described as clumsy. They don’t do well in sport. Adults sway a lot with heel toe walking especially with eyes closed and even with standing still/ feet together/ eyes closed.

It is a symptom of second stage infection spread and resulting damage.

Sweaty Palms: hands feel moist to touch

(does also affect the soles of the feet)

Chest and elbow pain: Site can fluctuate from day to day. Unusual but true. What’s sore today may not be sore tomorrow.

Symptoms of aches and pains fade quickly after awakening usually.

Hands are often worst affected. Heat overnight often relieves. Wearing gloves at night is a useful eff33cetive therapy for the symptoms.

Microscope Checking

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Recognisable Syndrome

Blood test will especially diagnose risk factors

It’s not a virus

The symptom pattern and blood test findings form a distinct recognisable clinical entity.  The symptom cluster is associated with a characteristic profile of pathology test results. 

The blood tests measure: disease presence, diseases flares, disease remissions with treatment, relapses, if you know what you are looking for.

The ability to assess disease markers gives objective feedback of treatment progress. The disease is chronic progressive unremitting damaging relentless and widespread.


Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Conditions that change how well the immune system works are always important.  Paill Spectrum is very sensitive to small immune system changes.



Some food allergies especially low-grade gluten sensitivity or wheat protein allergy,

Poor nutrition, Fad dieting

Nasal Steroids in long-term use

Immune Suppressants

Good nutrition can trigger massive reversals of disease status. It is likely the main reason naturopaths and alternate health providers have so much success in treating their patients while most doctors do not.

Laying Germ Bodies









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