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Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Paill Spectrum: 

The basic symptoms are:

Chronic fatigue

Loss of Balance

Sweaty Palms

Chest and Elbow Pain, (often described as tennis elbow or golfers elbow).

Ill Germ  Sleep Disturbance is common.
Wierd stuff happens too.


Another Important Symptom Pattern of Paill Spectrum organism is:

A clinical picture often with anger, irritability, aggression, and possible violence.

If severe: Road Rage

 Most adults will recognise and diagnose themselves from the picture

Common Adult Paill Spectrum Symptoms

Don’t Feel Well

Some Aches and Pains

Sleeping over 7 ½ hours per night: even if well ,
(5  sleep cycles)

Chronic fatigue

Sweaty Hands

Loss of Balance: Static/Dynamic:

Clumsiness esp. at night (Clumsy)

Tendon / Pains: most people are unaware of many these unless the tendons are pressed


Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Treatment Failures Group

Tendon Pains that Refuse to Get Better

The mood / temper group is the most common Paill Spectrum presentation.

The fatigue / pain group is most vocal about asking for help.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired: a typical adult presentation









Erasmus Profile Erasmus Erasmus Happy: Our fighter for truth and team leader.

Goo Goo : Goo the Numbat is a simple soul, almost the last of his species. He shares his perspective on life with us humans.

Commandant Commandant : In Charge of our Security. Strict and unyielding.

Beethoven Frobisher Beethoven and Frobisher: Our security bully wots.

Dr Axxxx Dr AXxxxx : He joins us, a refugee from  the justice of his own kind, bringing the alternate perspective from another place, not at all sympathetic to the vermin infesting his new abode.

Kinkajou Profile Kinkajou Kinkajou Face : Our warrior and foot soldier, exploring the world to bring us truth and knowledge.


Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Representative of our medical staff.