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Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Unusual Presentations

There are two patterns:

Stupid behaviour: impulsive, ill-considered, stupid

Bizarre Behaviour: Strange “ideas”

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Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Stupid Behaviour:

People usually describe the behaviour as "it’s just not like me/ them.  I have never done anything like that before.  I don't know why on earth I did that.”

They may also say, "I can see myself do it, but I can't stop myself.”

What on earth could be wrong with that person?

Unusual “ideas” can often be found.  They cannot be reassured or suppressed.  The adolescent or young adult “knows” they are true.

Treatment will only make early problems improve.

Once the "idea" has been present for some time, the "idea" is usually permanent.

Improvement is still possible to some extent- enough that some people regain their lives and begin functioning as human beings again.

Treatment is about preventing deterioration and stabilising illness.


Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Other common associated symptoms are:

Memory loss:

Jitters and panics: brief attacks

Not every patient will experience every symptom.  The behavioural disturbances are most prominent in people who have naturally “assertive” personalities.

In people who are naturally more sedate or cooperative, only “small” bursts of irritable behaviour may be found.  People who previously functioned at a high level, progressively and more frequently begin to make poor choices or judgements.  Again, memory loss as well as jitters and panics may feature.

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Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Some less common but also distinctive features include:


The behaviour often appears to be like a form of exasperating “stupidity” to people around them.

Then symptoms of Paill Spectrum are common, so “prospective” case finding needs to focus on the special characteristics of affected people.

Impulsive, aggressive, and aggressive behaviour are characteristic

Symptoms are often readily identifiable by family members. 

Unusual intense mood changes occur, often triggered by minor events.

The patients are as inclined to attack family members as strangers,

Affected people will “attack” friends quickly and will revert to normal treatment of friends just as easily.

They will pick fights with allies and friends, even under critical circumstances.

These people often display lack of judgement or narrow mindedness, which will increase the likelihood of their involvement in criminal activities. 

They will often go along with others, as they are genuinely unaware of the non-immediate consequences of their actions.

They are often easily distracted and forget easily. 

They may engage in criminal activities and may often show irritability, poor judgement, poor memory, easy distractibility, and impulsiveness.  Often commit violence against their families, forget this and are then surprised when the families are understandably careful in dealing with them again.

These patients may develop strange and intense ideas or preoccupations.  People around them say” I can’t understand why he/ she did that?”

These ideas reflect the predominant culture / thoughts of the individuals. 



Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Other Symptoms of the Syndrome:

Easy bruising: usually seen as “dot” or fingertip bruises on the upper arms and legs.

They sleep a lot

Memory is poor: phone number recall testing reveals problems.  Concentration poor

Dyslexia: especially in those affected since childhood

Often they tell you things you ask for, even when they should be more cautious in replying to the question.  People looking at them ask, “How can they be so stupid?”(impulsive with poor judgement).

Clumsy, Dizzy, deteriorating balance: They may fail a drunkenness test and be unable to walk a straight line.

They may often show spontaneous hyperexcitability with good news: e.g. jumping up and down over a happy event rather than indicating happiness in a more restrained fashion.


Behavioural problems often lead to Relationship Problems or Attachment Issues

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Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx:Other

The discovery of Paill Spectrum represents a paradigm shift: a new way of looking at a number of old conditions: some of which doctors cannot even agree as to whether they exist.

The treatments we suggested can be done in a clinical format: longitudinal case control studies: There are reasons randomised clinical trials are useless. Anybody suggesting these has no idea of the limitations of their own understanding.


 Double bind randomised Placebo controlled trials:

 ----- Deny ½ - ¾ of the patients on the trial any  treatment

----- They are extremely unethical once you understand the illness - Paill Spectrum.


Trials Ignore changes in an individual’s health status: e.g. If you were in one of these trials and told me that you were not feeling any better: a doctor would be obliged by the trial protocol not to do any further intervention or initiate any further treatment.

Things happen, but you need to be looking and aware of what you are looking for. Long term , you will be better off. Short term , wierd things can be triggered by treatment.


Longitudinal case control studies are a good way obtaining proof of concept and are the only ethical way of giving people medical treatment.  They Work well when there is a “powerful treatment concept” at the heart of the issue: successes and failures are easy to see.

Most doctors will never know what is causing a patients sore throat, but they will still treat it because they know with experience that they can do it successfully.


Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Ethics Committees

Ethics committees are designed to protect people from situations where the treatments they receive are perhaps not going to help them. People can see their symptoms improve themselves.  They get better and feel better.

Knowing about Paill Spectrum, lets you stop a relentlessly progressive disease in many people.

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